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No-Calorie Sweetener (16 oz.)

Great for diabetics and dietetics alike!

We are pleased to manufacture a pleasant tasting artificial liquid non-nutritive sweetener. No calories, no sodium, and calcium based. Great for diabetics and dietetics alike. This liquid sweetener has no unpleasant aftertaste.

This product has been manufactured with pride for over 30 years and replaced calcium cyclamate sweeteners which the US FDA removed from distribution in 1970. We proudly continue its manufacture and distribution in spite of a US FDA green sheeting caution statement. Their claims have never been proven and in fact recent studies have shown the US FDA claims of 1970 to be in error. When used in moderation, this liquid sugar substitute is a safe and pleasant tasting replacement for human sweet tastes. We have a current mailing list of satisfied customers who regularly order this sugar substitute because of its taste as well as fair price. There are other sugar substitutes on the shelves of America, but none have no sodium and are calcium based. We invite you to join our growing list of satisfied customers who daily use X-Tra-Touch Artificial Liquid Sweetener.

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Price: 8.00

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